Sell quicker, with more confidence.
Grow faster.

Fast, human-powered, high-quality research and list building for sales prospecting.

Hand-crafted, high-quality data.
At scale.

Let your BDRs focus on outreach and qualification. Not tedious research.

Existing lead databases never contain precisely the data you need to qualify and score leads to your own ICP. If you want that data, you basically have no choice but to do the digging by hand. But that work is tedious and time-consuming.

Our army of specialized, human researchers takes care of that work for you. They work in parallel, so you can have your data quickly without you having to do any coordination. You simply upload the list you want them to work on, and you receive the completed list the next day. That means your team can focus on meaningful work like contacting and engaging new leads, so that you can grow faster.

  • Score companies exactly to your own unique Ideal Customer Profile.
  • Eliminate manual research.
  • Prevent coordination busywork.
  • Speed up your workflows with our next-business-day turnaround times.
  • Scale your prospecting.

Fast. Like a machine.

Next-business-day delivery for most research orders.

If a task would take 200 hours of research work, an SDR/BDR needs 5 weeks of full-time work to complete it. Which can easily stretch to 7-8 weeks because they have other responsibilities too.

But with us, the work gets split into smaller tasks automatically, so we can have 10 people work in parallel. Like a machine.

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Smart companies.

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Sellscope feeds the 30-person SaaS Optics sales team with fresh data every quarter. We research 5000 companies on 15 custom attributes, feeding their bespoke lead scoring algorithm. They focus on the most promising leads first, increasing their sales velocity. And because those leads have been qualified deeply upfront, their outreach confidence gets a boost.

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Sellscope saves Flipbase 50 hours of manual research every week. They feed us lead lists that are nearly complete, and we fill in the missing pieces. Like clockwork.


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